I’m Joe Hedrick

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Audio Services

I offer several services for both music and dialog that can help set your audio apart.


Already have some recordings? Whether they were recorded in a studio or in your bedroom, let me bring your recordings to life.


Sometimes good songs can benefit from a fresh ear. Let me take a listen to your arrangement and, if it's not already perfect, I'll let you know what we can do to take it to the next level.

Post Production

Let me clear up that mystery rumble from your dialog or, if the take can't be corrected, ADR the lines with your actors.

What Others Think


“While Joe has a mastery of all of the tools of sound engineering at his disposal, he focuses and excels at capturing the best version of your performance. His work not only sounds professional but truly authentic.”

Tony Maguire - Farkus


“When I found Joe and New Leaf Audio my musical ambitions/goals were finally unlocked. Where Joe sets himself apart is his sincere investment in your sound, your vision, and his exceptional talent in all things music. Over the past few years it has been nothing but great experiences. Thanks Joe!”



“Joe did a phenomenal job! He does far more than I would have thought he would have. He made the project his own, creating a custom intro, and episode template for our podcast. He spent time helping us save money by fine tuning our recording process and equipment so that we are getting the best bang for our buck! We will absolutely be having a long relationship with Joe!”

Dr. Brady Salcido - The Neuro Lifestyle

About Me

About Us

I'm Joe, an audio professional and musician skilled in various facets of audio production including original composition, mixing, recording, and post production. I've studied classical and contemporary music and I've had my original music featured on various podcasts and on television. I'm happy to mix your raw singer songwriter track, work with you on creating a full production with all the bells and whistles, or just craft some catchy podcast music for you.
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