The Past

Like many others, my interest in sound started at a young age with music. I got my first guitar--a white Peavey Raptor--at 11 years old for my birthday and I was hooked. After tinkering on my own for a while, I started studying Jazz and Blues guitar privately in my home town of South Bend, Indiana.
I carried on with studying and playing my guitar casually with friends into my mid to late teens when I got my first taste of recording and production. I managed to get some money together to buy a used M-Audio Audiophile 2496, a small Behringer mixer, and an MXL tube mic from a long time friend. Eventually I'd also get a small, MIDI capapable Yamaha keyboard, a copy of Sony's--now MAGIX--Sound Forge and Acid, and a copy of Imagine-Line's Fruity Loops.
Now I had some tools to create some actual, though basic, productions. Unfortunately, the internet not being quite what it is now, I still had to learn some pretty slow lessons, gleaning most of them from my friends and peers. I also had to deal with being a teenager and the general lack of focus that came along with it.
Eventually, in an effort to smooth some of the wrinkles forming in my life, I decided to make the move to Phoenix. After trawling the message boards for a while, I found a band to play in. It was also during this time that I began studying classical guitar. During these years, my production and mixing efforts were low at best. I did spend a good deal of time arranging and playing but I was mostly "on the other side of the glass" from my relationship with engineering.
After a couple of years in the desert I started to get restless again and moved to a small town--Eureka Springs--in northwest Arkansas. Here I experienced some very new musical textures and expanded my own musicianship to solo guitar performances and singing. The singer/songwriter thing really spoke to me and I found myself performing often. I really grew as a musician.
Ultimately, for various reasons, life brought me to Chicago in 2009 where I live today. It was here that I started performing less and really got into engineering. I continued my musical studies--now on the piano--but really began leaning in to mixing. I read books, watched videos, consulted with engineers, experimented with local musicians...lather, rinse, repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

The Present

Today I work in a small studio on Chicago's Northwest Side. I take a hybrid approach to my mixing and production style, utilizing a combination of "in the box" and select outboard gear. I use Apple's Logic Pro X as my primary production DAW and mix in either Logic Pro X or Harrison's Mixbus 32c.
Though I do use high end gear in a meticulously tuned environment, I genuinely feel what sets my mixes and productions apart from the rest is passion. You can be sure that, if I've set out to work on a project for you, I care how it sounds. I have a personal investment in its success and it's this investment that drives me to make those creative choices that turn a technically good product into one that strives to go a step further. It's this investment that informs our relationship to read less as one of a client requesting a service but more as a collaboration between artists. I want to hear and see your project succeed just as much as you do.
I've worked with artists and producers from places all around the globe including The UK, Australia, Japan, Israel, Canada, and all over the US. I've worked with blues artists, singer-songwriters, crooners, jazz pianists, hip-hop MC's, poets, film makers, and podcasters. I've written dozens of cues for TV and film. Music and audio is my life. It's my full time job and my full time passion.

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